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Natural Hair Care For All Forms of Curly Hair!

My 2 cents on Protein/Texture/Porosity/Moisture Balance! 🙂
So, I’ve gotten loads of questions not too long ago about Proteins, Hair porosity, Hair Texture, & Moisture which is great as a result of it makes you assume even more concerning the relationships that exist between things. This also ties into the quest for the “Holy Grail” product and why what works for you sooner or later, would not work the subsequent.

First let me say that all of us have to remember that there are many factors that go into determining whether or not a product works for you. Here are just some issues to consider (assuming you have not discovered your good combos but):

1)Outside Weather – including Dew points, temperature, relative humidity, wind, rain, snow, and many others..
2)The way you deal with your hair – Do you utilize heat usually Do you color your hair Do you sleep on a cotton pillowcase vs. satin vs. whatever.. Is it damaged or usually wholesome
3)Inside Environment – Humidity – is it relatively dry or most in your home or workplace
4)Hair Texture – Fantastic by regular by Coarse (For the sake of this article, on a 1-10 scale, I will say that the very most interesting of hair is a 1 and the coarsest of hair is a 10). I find that almost all individuals who assume they have really coarse hair don’t. This is primarily due to frame of reference. You’d must feel truly coarse hair (which is typically given as Asian/Native American, although I have felt variations there as well and have seen the coarsest hair in my life on a Caucasian head..2 actually..and they have been each purple-heads..humm..). This isn’t to say that you aren’t right, nevertheless it is likely that your hair is in the 6-9 range. Just as with advantageous hair, you may be within the 2-four vary. It turns out, when i examine my hair strands with other people hair, that I fall in the normal to positive range (about a 4)..that was a surprise to me!
5)Hair Porosity – Low-normal-excessive (which most individuals won’t have until their hair is broken/bleached/and so on). For the sake of this text, low porosity hair will feel easy moving your fingers up and down the shaft and likewise has issues absorbing water/product/chemicals (you might even see water beading up on the hair). High porosity hair will feel bumpy or a little rough (because of the cuticle layer not laying very flatly) and absorbs nearly a lot of the whole lot (and can launch it easily too, together with moisture!).
6)Hair Density – Do you’ve got a lot of hair in your head or little or no (so that you see your scalp easily)
7)Wave/Curl Pattern – I feel this an element, though not the major one. For example, generally speaking, I feel that when you’ve got a weaker wave/curl sample with wonderful-regular hair you may want to use a tough holding gel together with your products to support your sample.
8)Merchandise you use on your hair – again, the standard, gentleness or hair websites harshness of the merchandise you utilize usually on your hair. Generally you can do damage with a harsh shampoo, sulfate or sulfate-free. Sometimes you need some protein and sometimes not. Sometimes you want a specific sort of protein (like say the protein in an ingredient like Lecithin which even coarse heads appear to be Ok with..).
9)What number of instances per week do you wash/condition/fashion your hair
10)The temperature of the water you use to clean your hair..think about it, should you shower in sizzling water (like I do), then you definately create a fantastic moisture rich environment in your hair to soak up virtually flip your conditioners into Deep Therapies! I discover that even people who usually avoid say glycerin in products, could use it on this environment and rinse it out (making sure not to use glycerin in their stylers). The glycerin helps to soak up the moisture in the shower air (this isn’t scientific, simply what I’ve found! :-P)

I’m positive I’m forgetting other elements, however as I remember them I’ll come back and replace the list (or depart a comment with some other components). All of these items can come into play when choosing what products to make use of. For me, every day is completely different. Worse yet, I take a look at merchandise it seems on a regular basis and have been known to shampoo and situation my hair at the very least twice a day most days, so my hair can take a beating! Every morning I put my palms in my head and just really feel it..then I see what the weather is like and make a selection. Most instances I select effectively, however not always!

So, do you want protein or moisture and which of them Ok, so if you use my number scale above (based on hair texture on this case), let’s make some generalizations (so exceptions will exist, that is just some recommendation):

Assuming you have got “wholesome”, undamaged, regular porosity hair:
1)In case you range from 1-3, you will want to repeatedly use products with protein in your hair to assist give it physique, strength and support. This implies your conditioners and stylers and mainly, you might be free to experiment with them. I have found generally for all the hair textures, if in case you have normal-excessive porosity, you can too use products that have oils/butters in them (just not too heavy).
2)In case you are within the 4-6 vary, you’ll want to alternate using products with protein and those with out protein.
3)In case you are in the 7-eight range, you might want to use a conditioner with protein in it about 1 time a week. You can sometimes use stylers with protein in them, however should alternate with protein free options. Additionally Amino acids are a very good choice for proteins since they have a tendency to clean away simply and are less doubtless to build up on your hair.
4)In case you are within the 9-10 vary, unless your hair is damaged, use protein free merchandise where attainable. You might find you want a protein remedy once in a blue moon, but possible not.

(The hair on the left (mine) is a few 4, the one in the center is a couple of 6 and the one on the right is about a 7-8. These are approximations primarily based by myself loopy system and are estimates. As you’ll be able to see, the variations between the hair strands are really small, but when you can see them live and feel the hair strands, it can be simpler to see the true variations in texture. These hairs are also stretched out from their original tightly coiled (mine), curly (heart), and wavy(right) patterns for the needs of this demonstration. I hope this helps with your own comparisons! Not one of the best pics I know, but I will keep including as I get extra! 🙂 )
As promised, above are some more fantastic hair strands. The one on the left is a couple of 1, the one in the center is about a 2 and the one on the correct is my hair strand which is about a 4.