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Black Doll Gathering

In the course of the last week of September of this year, I used to be contacted by an antiques dealer, David, who wished to share photographs of a portion of a set of black dolls his store had not too long ago acquired. The dolls had been a part of an eclectic assortment of hundreds, representing quite a lot of ethnicities, previously owned by a doll lover who had the means to buy most any doll she desired. Wouldn’t all of us, (we as in doll lovers), love to be in a position to purchase all of the dolls we wished and have the room to correctly display our three-dimensional inanimate objects of obsession I do know I would.

Many of the black dolls within the photos I black and blonde underneath hair viewed have been manufactured from cloth with many falling into the Black Americana category. I don’t actively accumulate cloth dolls or Black Americana relics, but there have been a pair that I did find fascinating.

The large Heubach Koppelsdorf #399 bisque doll with unique grass skirt and necklace was one of many dolls that caught my eye initially. I’ve a smaller model, so I determined to cross on this one. Nevertheless, had the house been obtainable, he would be here! Within the second picture above, the pair of cloth male dolls with fascinating embroidered facial options were virtually a will need to have for me. I in all probability will remorse not adding them to my assortment, but I determined to move. Below are two additional images of this pair that I discovered fairly intriguing.

19-inch cloth twins, circa late 1800s-early 1900s, wear wool fits with faces (and probably our bodies) of black silk

After salivating over the images, actuality set in forcing me to decide on solely three dolls product of mediums and in sizes that I take pleasure in amassing.

Tuesday by Gladys MacDowell
One of many three chosen dolls is a duplicate of 1 already owned, however hey.. I waited a very long time earlier than discovering the first Tuesday, which occurs to be the #1 doll in a sequence of approximately 10 by Gladys MacDowell, so I wasn’t going to pass up her twin. As I famous in my post about my original Tuesday, the dolls have been manufactured from wax with cloth our bodies through the 1950s. Each was handmade with hand painted facial options. They stand roughly 15-/12 inches. First and second Tuesdays are shown under.

Tuesday #1, proven on the left, wears an ID bracelet that spells her identify. Tuesday #2 has a whistle necklace. Her eyes and eyebrows are extra heavily painted than Tuesday #1’s. The second doll, though youthful than the primary, seems extra mature, more “protecting” of her older sister. Whereas their dresses have the identical shade theme, the print differs.

Joey by F. C. Baker, circa 1980s
The second doll I bought, primarily based on the vendor’s pictures, that are proven above and beneath this paragraph, is a 5-inch polymer clay boy named Joey by F. C. Baker. His peak contains the highest of his permanently attached hat. Just take a look at his adorable face!

Joey wears an extended-sleeved white shirt with Peter Pan collar, navy blue neck tie, navy blue wool brief pants, and straw hat. In his left hand he holds his black footwear that have black socks tucked inside. His left back pocket holds his slingshot. It appears Joey used to carry something in his right hand the place there stays a white piece of foam in his palm. David referred to this as a shoeshine brush, however I am unsure that is what it represents.

Joey’s handmade doll stand has a leather-coated base together with his name, the artist’s name, and authentic circa 1980s promoting worth handwritten on an hooked up adhesive label.

I was not conversant in a doll artist named F. C. Baker. Searching the Web for added dolls by this artist didn’t generate results. After Tuesday and Joey arrived (and another non-doll issues purchased from David, which will likely be shared in a a separate submit), David recontacted me asking if “Portrait doll of Amanda by Faye C. Baker” fascinated me. It was not until then that I knew Joey’s artist’s first title was Faye, and sure, Amanda did, in reality curiosity me.

Portrait doll of Amanda by Faye Corcoran Baker is signed and dated on her lower again 1/23/83.
One other Internet search did not end in any details about Joey and Amanda’s artist utilizing her full title, Faye Corcoran Baker. Online pictures could also be absent for quite a lot of causes: she no longer makes dolls or stopped making them a number of years previous to the Web’s recognition, or she quite probably is now not residing.

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As proven above, Amanda is taller than Joey. She measures 7-1/2 inches tall. Like, Joey, she can be made from polymer clay and each dolls have a wired armature in their arms. She also has painted features with hand-applied artificial hair styled in two facet braids. One in all her tiny blue hair ribbons is lacking. Her toes are bare. Each dolls are one in every of a form.